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Yaesen Shuzo Co., Ltd. is a leading awamori manufacturer in Ishigaki Island, established in 1955. Yaesen (八重泉) was named after the springs (泉) of the islands around here, called Yaeyama (八重山), and our distillery is located on a small hill overlooking the islands. We are committed to trying innovative techniques to make our products better while maintaining the traditional kiln distillation and long-term storage in Western-style barrels, which were pioneered in the industry.

AESEN Distillery AESEN Distillery
YAESEN Distillery

Story of YAESEN Distillery

Yaesen Distillery’sMain Products

Awamori 30°Yaesen

Awamori 30°

Yaesen is awamori spirits that has been loved and nurtured by local people in Ishigaki Island since started. It is an excellent product that can be said as the heart of Yaesen collection, which has been through extensive trial and error for over 65 years since founded. Please enjoy the stout and robust aroma, crisp and well-balanced taste, and deep sweetness brought by black koji mold and the Ishigaki’s traditional direct-fire distillation method.

Awamori 43°Yaesen Taruchozo

Yaesen Taruchozo

Yaesen Taruchozo (Barrel Storage) is awamori spirits stored to mature in oak barrels for a long time; the original awamori is distilled in direct-fire. It is nick named “Green Bottle” by local people in Ishigaki. This excellent bottle made by the local traditional kiln distillation method and the industry’s pioneering barrel storage technique symbolizes the production of Yaesen, in other words, perfect combination of tradition and innovation. The overwhelming aroma is a result of the complete blending of barrel and awamori aromas. Please enjoy the well-balanced blend of the five flavors.

Awamori 43°Kuroshinju


Kuroshinju (Black Pearl) is awamori spirits made with black koji mold and distilled in direct-fire by the local method which has been handed down from long ago in Ishigaki Island. It is made from a blend of aged and new awamori to increase its firm texture and deep flavor. This bottle has won many awards at awamori competitions. It is an excellent product and recommended for true sake lovers. You will enjoy its gentle, mild tone and subtle sweetness.

Awamori 25°Shima Urara

Awamori 25° Shima Urara

Shima Urara is awamori spirits carefully made from rice which has been grown with upmost care in rich nature of Ishigaki. It is available in 720ml and 1800ml sizes. It is refreshing, smooth, fruity, and very easy to drink. It is perfect as a drink during meals and goes well with fried foods such as tempura.

Awamori 40°Sho Yaesen

Awamori  40° Sho Yaesen

Sho YAESEN is a unified brand of awamori spirits made by 12 awamori manufacturers in Okinawa, which allows you to enjoy the different flavors of each distillery. Triple distillation, the new production method, gives it a distinct aroma and taste, and this bottle has been highly evaluated by experts as “the spirits of the one and only”. It is perfect for making cocktails.

Awamori 44°Kusu Yaesen

Awamori 30°

Kusu (Aged Awamori) Yaesen is awamori spirits stored for aging for 3 years; the original awamori is made with black koji mold and distilled in direct-fire by the handed-down method in Ishigaki. This awamori was born as a result of our new challenge, and is available in 300ml, 720ml, and 1800ml sizes. You can enjoy the dense and mysterious aroma and the mellow taste with a long aftertaste that only aged awamori can provide.

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It has been made in Okinawa since old days with a history of over 600 years. Awamori which has been stored to mature for more than 3 years is called “Kusu” (aged awamori) and is a high value-added product as aging adds a mellow taste. Awamori with an ABV of 25%-30% is enjoyed on the rock, with water or soda as a drink during meals. The one with an ABV of 40% or more is often drunk straight or on the rocks as a drink after meals.


About ISHIGAKI Island


The island has a warm climate throughout the year, making it easy to spend time here.
Blessed with beautiful nature, the island is visited by 1.4 million tourists a year.
Divers from all over the world gather here because of the high transparency of the sea and known for encountering mantas.
You can enjoy amazing food such as bluefin tuna caught in neighboring waters and Ishigaki beef, and feel the mystery of the universe in the night sky, full of shining stars.

Enjoy Yaesen
Ishigaki Island

Our store is located next to our distillery, so please come to see, feel, and taste our products before purchasing. In Ishigaki Island, our products are available at most restaurants and liquor stores for purchase.


1834, Aza-Ishigaki, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa, Japan
Open hours
Monday – Friday, Holidays 9:00am – 4 pm
Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

* Please note that awamori tasting is not available for those who drive motor/electric vehicles or bicycles to come to our store and those who are under the age of 20, pregnant or nursing.

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