Great even for rainy days,
this special experience for adults is
only available to 4 people per day.

Enjoy Awamori at a long-established brewery on Ishigaki Island
Enjoy a luxurious drink
For adults only!

Yaesen Shuzo offers
a behind-the-scenes tour of the brewery, bar experience, and mini-tasting!
You can enjoy this experience regardless of the weather.

Established in 1955
A fusion of tradition and innovation in brewing.
Enjoy the awamori at Yaesen, a beloved favorite of the local islanders

A special experience for adults at the exclusive counter barSpecial plan for max 4 people per day

Four points of the tour

  • 1

    Behind-the-scenes tour of the brewery, which is normally closed to visitors.

    Go behind-the-scenes and smell the rice and liquor at Yaesen Shuzo, only accessible through this plan.

  • 2

    The bar experience includes two activities

    You can an indulge in a variety of Awamori flavors with this set which includes includes "Unique Original Blend Bottling Experience" and "Easy-To-Drink and Recreate at Home Awamori Cocktail Making".

  • 3

    Carefully selected by the third generation CEO himself! Enjoy a mini Awamori tasting together with some local specialty snacks.

    Enjoy the Awamori cocktails you made with selected Ishigaki local specialty snacks!

  • 4

    Earthenware perfectly captures the rich diverse beauty of Yaeyama! Includes an earthenware pottery piece to take home as a souvenir.

    Yaesen Shuzo uses beautiful pottery to enhance the flavor of Awamori.

Option Information

Making Awamori "Moromi-Stirring with an Oar" Experience
Moromi is made by fermenting rice koji, yeast, and water together. You will participate in stirring a large tank, an essential process of making moromi, which is necessary for making awamori. Original Yaesen T-shirt included.

Main tour itinerary

  1. Yaesen Shuzo, behind-the-scenes
    brewery tour
    (approx. 50 min)

  2. Original Blend/
    Cocktail Experience
    (approx. 30 min)

  3. Tasting with local specialty snacks
    (approx. 40 min)


Ishigaki Island's Specialty Awamori Yaesen Shuzo
907-0023 Ishigaki 1834, Ishigaki-Shi, Okinawa

Tour Plans

  • plan 01

    [Yaesen Full Experience Plan]

    Required time: Approx. 2 hours

    Fully experience Yaesen Shuzo, from Awamori brewing to original drink making and tasting!
    *You can also apply for the optional activity Making Awamori "Moromi-Stirring with an Oar" here.

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  • plan 02

    [Charter Taxi Plan for Easy Transport]

    Required time: Approx. 4 hours

    Our "Yaesen Full Experience Plan" includes a chartered taxi and a craft activity!
    You can enjoy the afternoon without renting a car!

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